I enter your room with a smile.

I ask,

“How are you?”

“How is he?”

“How can I help?”

I never let on that I am falling apart.

While I’m…

It’s no surprise when someone says they are burnt out and they want to stop nursing. Short staffing, out of touch administration, unit leaders with no leadership training or skills, ungrateful and increasingly complex patients…the list goes on and on. Aside from the challenges at work nurses tend to take…

Dear Scarlett,

I want to tell you not to go to the bar that night. I want to say, just stay in with a good book. But I know you, if I tell you not to you’ll only be more determined to do it. So get dolled up, go to…

Gianna Lowell

Gianna Lowell has been a nurse for the last decade or so. When she's not nursing she loves to write, read, and hang out with her dogs Ace and Socks.

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